Thursday, June 5, 2014

Last Days of School and General Mommyness

It is official.  I am formally declaring the end of the school year MORE stressful than the holidays.  I loathe being this busy, especially when I am burnt out, it is hot, and I am staring at summer like a deer in headlights.  I wish I could be like those mom's who have their summer plans sorted out in March.  I just have to remember the immortal words of the poet Popeye the Sailor Man; "I yam what I yam" and I need to re-discover that it is pretty good being me.
Last week my son's 5th grade teacher asked me to teach the class how to make art journals.  She wanted them to have something very special to take with them when they moved on from 5th grade.

I made this as a sample and she was thrilled with the design so the kids and I got artsy together last Tuesday.  I *LOVE*LOVE*LOVE* watching kids get their creative on!

I guess I had never really seen 5th graders in their "natural habitat" and I was shocked at the difference between the behavior I see on play-dates versus how they act when they forget grown-ups are in the room.  Their conversations were so different then they had been when they began 5th grade.  They are cynical!  How does that happen to an 11 year old? And boy - are they obsessed with video games.  Quite honestly, it was disturbing. My kids only play on the weekend - they get 2 hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and I worry that that is excessive. We also adhere to the age recommendations so all the chatter about Call of Duty was surprising.
I was really proud of my Aidan who was entrenched in his creative process.  I can only pray that the time we spend with him creating, playing games and camping is enough to keep him satisfied after he graduates from 5th grade and moves from a small Christian school of 140 kids to middle school with 700. I love him so much but I have to remember that God loves him even more than me.

As his graduation approaches, I am becoming more and more aware of this time in my own life.  Right here. Right now.

I am a creative soul that loves her husband and children and all the other stuff swirling around me are distractions.  It is time to get my hands dirty in the garden; to make some home-made vegetable soup; to play with Modge Podge; to turn on some music; to wear a skirt with my Chuck Taylor sneaker's... put braids in my hair; to play on the swings with my daughter; to hold my husbands hand when we watch TV; to go for a walk with my son; to breath deeply.  I am here. Right now.

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