Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cutterpillar Pro

I am working on a new cartridge overview for Life is a Beach.  It is taking a while because in addition to the primary image, this cartridge has a font, a title, a border, 2 cards and a charm.  I am also working on the 2nd part of my 3 part series; "5 scrapbooking complication that chap my hide."

In the meantime, I thought you might be interested to hear that Cutterpillar Pro has said that once they have 500 "likes" on Facebook, they will offer a "GREAT facebook friends discount." As of 5:45 PST, 9/11/12 they have 365. I, myself, do not own one but I am thinking I need to after all the incredible Cutterpillar recommendations on the messege boards lately.
Shih Tzu Mommy says "It truly is a FANTASTIC cutter! Like away people-you will be THRILLED with this cutter!! Rocks over the Genesis!!"
Dig-it-al continues " I have to agree - - the Cutterpillar ROCKS! I also purchased mine when it was originally released. I had always been looking at the Genesis but between the cost and wait times, I never did purchase. I pounced on the Cutterpillar when it was first released and have not been disappointed. I wish I could do a comparison of the Genesis to the Cutterpillar but sadly I can't. I have not used/seen a Genesis in person. But the Cutterpillar has lived up to my Genesis expectation. I was not disappointed AND it was cheaper."
ccookwood agrees "Another lover of the cutter. Also like to mention that there customer service is excellent, I had an issue and they were fantastic and speedy!"
In another thread:
Ms.Snickerdoodle said "The Cutterpillar is amazing, it really is the only trimmer I have ever had that gives a straight cut every time. Cannot recommend this trimmer enough!"
littledaisyme insists "CutterPillar pro, best cutter on the market and they just came out with a new and improved one which is awesome. Lifetime guarantee on the blade which is self sharpening. I love mine"
 ...and there are plenty more where that came from.  I am excited to see the discount because I need a new trimmer soooooooo bad. If you would like to get in on the discount click here to "like" the Cutterpillar.

At 10 PM last night they posted the following on their Facebook page:
"to sweeten the deal a bit...not only will we be running a super sweet special when we hit 500 likes, but we will also give away a brand new Cutterpillar!"
Pick me, Pick me!

HSN is also having a clearance sale on some of their Cricut Cartridges for $19.99 plus free shipping.  I don't think you can even find these cartridges on ebay for that price!  I have Nate's ABC's sitting in my cart right now, but I keep thinking about HSN's Thursday- all day Scrapbooking Event and wonder if I should temper myself. 

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  1. Thanks for alerting us...I will be watching for the reduced price on this as I need a new cutter.