Tuesday, June 7, 2011

back to the blogsphere

I disappeared from the world of blogging this last year. Instead, I joined the Facebook craze because it was easy and quick and I enjoyed getting the feedback but I have been working SO MUCH (I scrapbook for hire) that I have scrapbooking on the brain and facebook isn't really a great forum for me to talk about it (most of my "friends" are normal folk).

I have been hitting the message boards lately (it has been years!) and it is refreshing to be amongst my people. I've learned a lot of new techniques, discovered a bunch of cool products and have seen some fabulous work. What I love the most is how readily people will offer suggestions and information when you post a question! My job is pretty isolating and cerebral so connecting with others interested in the same thing really keeps me among the living.

To catch you up (if I even have any readers after this lengthy hiatus), this last school year I had the privilege to teach an enrichment program at my children's school, St. Timothy's. This program incorporated art, science and creative thinking to examine and explore various puzzles and ideas. It was called Create and Innovate, named after the Institute of Innovation fellowship I completed in 2010. It was such a hit and I had the BEST time with the kids and the projects! I will be teaching it again this summer via St. Tim's summer camp. I have taught art at a number of summer camps for many years and really enjoy the change of pace and watching the kids use their right brain!

This year, camp is filled to capacity and my program has been a big draw for many of the kids who might not have normally attended. (I love getting a little affirmation now and then!)
I am also working on a massive scrapbook project and it is so much fun! I have struggled a little with inspiration (sometimes I can't make a commitment to any of my ideas and it drives me crazy!) but I have been really pleased with the work I have completed.

The album(s) are two identical scrapbooks chronically the first year of life for a pair of twins. I have 500 photos to incorporate (each) and a big story to tell. Pulling the whole thing together is almost like writing a book. There has to be a natural progression - specific events have to be highlighted and a lot of different family members and friends need to be included. Plus I have to assemble 2 of everything which is harder than it seems.

I am so grateful that I get to do such a meaningful project. It really is an honor. Below you can find a few pages I've done... (sorry for the crummy pictures and I don't know what is going on with the layout below - looks like I have to re-familiarize myself with blogspot!)

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