Thursday, September 3, 2009

hello Fall.

August is a blurry blank. My life feels like it was pulled through the eye of a needle. The first couple of weeks were spent getting ready for surgery and the last weeks were hospitals, aches and pains and a drug induced haze.

So now it is September. You can feel the seasons a-changing. The kids are back in school, its a little chilly at night and life is moving faster. I am resistant to putting all the new event dates in the calendar because I'd have to accept that the holidays are right around the corner. I seem to be clinging to the forgiving schedule of summer, unwilling to accept that life moves fast whether I authorize it or not. Like a computer scanning for a file, my brain is searching for a paradigm, a course of action, a loophole, that will allow me to walk at my own pace without being left behind. I'm hopeful that the secret formula will appear and insert itself into my lifestyle without much work on my part. I believe it will happen because healing from brain surgery demands it.

That is it all I have for now - its time to spend some time with my little ones. Hope you are having a fantastic labor day and easing into Fall in comfort.

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  1. August feels like a blur to me, too, and I didn't even have brain surgery! Let us both hang in there and do what we can. :) Hugs!!