Saturday, May 23, 2009

I picked out my fabric!

I am really excited about this sew along - I am thrilled to be making a quilt along side my pals across the country! I struggled with the fabric factor. I have no trouble with paper but when it comes to fabric it is a totally different thing. This is because esthetically, I am drawn to bold, lush prints but I am definitely an earth tones fashionista and interior decorator. I like blue jeans, khakis, layering tanks and t-shirts and my leather Born sandals or slip ons. My flash comes from hats, jewelry or a fun sweater/ jacket but even then its pretty muted. Our home is done in wood and green - the color comes from artwork and our kids creations. Long story, longer - this makes selecting fabric a challenge. It just isn't the same as scrapbook paper. it is a skill that one has to develop with "visual translation."

I must of filled my cart with various fabric selection a half a dozen times, then when it came time to checkout, I abandoned the site completely. Finally I found a pre-selected 1/2 yard set that works for me at fabricworm on Etsy. Cynthia was super helpful and even swapped out two of the prints I did not care for with two others that she suggested!

So here is the selection I ended up with. I substituted the two Cathedral prints (this is Cathedral Dusk below)

with Buttoned up sea and Small Gathering Sea (both are below).

She has a sample quilt on the webpage using these prints and it is gorgeous (at the top)! I am looking forward to having just as beautiful laying around in my house!


  1. Your quilt will be gorgeous, Jilliene!! :)

  2. madly madly in love with these fabrics! I bought a bag of her SCRAPS on her blog and a few stacks - made some pillows that I LOVE....ooohhh promise you will save me a scrap or two!?!? (we can swap!! oxox I am doing yoyos of all the fabrics I use...and 2x2 postage stamp squares....can't bear to part with my pretty scraps! xo

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