Monday, October 8, 2007

Changes and more changes with Jilliene Designs

As most of you know, last spring Jilliene Designs was to join forces with a local art studio and expand from an on-line scrapbook boutique and custom kit provider to a brick and mortar retail store and art studio. Just weeks after opening the doors the partnership was revisited and it became clear that the original arrangement was not going to evolve as planned so I moved my inventory to my home studio, redesigned the website and Jilliene Design's offerings.

The months following this adjustment were busy with scrapbooking and art classes for Camp Gan Israel and the business of life- expensive car repairs, my computer crashing, a robbery, navigating warranties and insurance adjusters and the exciting reinvention of my home studio into a arts and crafts classroom.

I cannot tell you how much I love the new husband was so dedicated to the project and he did an amazing job creating an atmosphere of creativity and function. My clients have said nothing but fantastic things about the space and I am thrilled to have it so accessible.

The opening night crop was a blast. Many of my absolute favorite people where there making the night extra special. Everyone got so much done and I provided one-on-one instruction to anyone who needed it plus did a demo on embossing. Several people came without a project and we designed kits for them to work on together.

I am so happy with the course my life has taken. It seems that whenever things DO NOT go according to plan, I find myself just where I need to be. I have finally let go of the steering wheel and am enjoying the ride. My kids have a mom that is available (instead of a mom that says "in just a minute" all the time). My customers have a vendor they can count on (instead of a vendor that has fallen behind, trying to keep up with the demands of overhead). My husband has a wife and a friend (instead of a roommate and project manager). I get to be a human BE'ing rather than a human DO'ing which is a much bigger dream than I could have conjured up.

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