Friday, June 14, 2013

Tutorial: Gorgeous Flower and Bead Wire Wrap Ring

This is a fun and simple project using wire, beads and a faux or real flower.  I made these for a tea party as favors and for a jewelry trunk show as gifts with each purchase. They were such a hit that people have asked if they could pay me to make them for a baby shower and as Christmas gift toppers!  This is also a fun craft to do with your kids! 


12 gauge floral wire
26 gauge craft wire
Assorted beads
Small faux or fresh flowers
Wire cutters

  • Cut 5" - 6" of the 12g wire (depending on your ring size) and wrap around a ring mandrel or a large marker.  The wire is very pliable so once you have the form, you can size accordingly.
  • Next you cut off approximately 16" of the 26g wire, wrap it around the ring band several times, then twist it so that the thin wire is secure.
  • Now create several whimsical loops from the band outward.

  • Add a bead and twist the wire to secure the bead in place
  • Then continue creating fluid, decorative loops and twists with the remaining portion of the wire so that the bead sits near the band and the twists flow around it.  
  • Repeat these steps for the other end of the wire. 
  • String the flower through the center and position it next to the beads.

NOTE: Sometimes the wire loops begin to look kinky or the beads and flower won't position correctly on the band.  I untwist the wires and use a flat nose pliers to straighten out the kinks. When I start again, I try to be extra patient, move slowly and be thoughtful in my looping so that the wire doesn't become kinky again. 

When using fresh flowers, select flowers that are flat, with sturdy centers. Hydrangeas and Wax Hoyas work well.  You can also skip the flowers and use a larger bead.


  1. wow! these are really fun and beautiful.

    1. Thanks Jenny! I have been meaning to post a tutorial for these for a long time but kept forgetting. It is so simple and such a great accessory or little gift. We gave one to our school secretary last year and she still tells me how much she loves it and still wears it. It also makes a great "acquaintance" birthday gift. You know - a thinking of you but I don't know you well enough to buy a gift. My son gave one to his "girlfriend' (he's 10) for Valentine's day and you would have thought it was a diamond ring the way she wore it around with pride.

  2. Very cool, and very pretty! Thanks for sharing!