Friday, March 23, 2007

A theif named Fear

Of all the heists known to humankind throughout history, the greatest thief there ever was, was Fear. Fear has stolen love, wealth, success, liberty, creativity, invention, health, dreams and even life from many a great person. Fear has the ability to convince it’s Mark to literally hand over treasure, walk away from opportunity, hide from truth, discard relationships, refuse assistance, dismiss innovation and reject potential. We let Fear steal from us. We allow Fear to rob us of possibilities. We can make a choice not to.

I often find myself blocked creatively and otherwise because I am afraid to make that first step- to commit to a color, to waste a sheet of paper, to take a chance. The Fear grows in conviction if I remain idle. I become afraid to spend time on something that may not work, or to believe that I can do something only to find out I failed, or worst of all, to find out that I am devoid of any talent whatsoever. Where do you think fear keeps all the energy he steals from me? Does he have a giant vault with my name on it?

The next time I experience Fear I think I’ll say, “no you can’t have that!” and I’ll do the next right thing. If Fear suggests greater catastrophe, I’ll smile and say, “bring it!” And as my stomach dances around with butterflies and nausea, I’ll breath in deep breaths of acceptance and breath out my need for certainty. I’ll be me, whoever I am at that moment and use that Fear dripping energy to do exactly what I must. No easier, softer way; no hiding from the lessons or troubles that await me. I’ll put pen to paper, brush to paint, glue to photo, or foot to floor and I’ll keep the fate that awaits me. It is mine and Fear can’t have it.

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